Sort Your Brain Out



  1. 水——每天第一件事就是为你的大脑补充水分
  2. 运动——大脑健康的关键(也是维持神智的关键)
  3. 压力——控制皮质醇来管理压力
  4. 阳光——沐浴阳光,稳定情绪
  5. 咖啡因——在很多方面都对大脑有益,但要适可而止

The pain of Jinja2

There are many reasons to choose a generally better solution, but there is only one reason you don’t do that, which is it’s not suitable for your problem domain.
Who said that? Well, it’s me. LOL

The Way of Django

As a software architect, compared to software developer, I face more choices and challenges every day when constructing software systems. There’s no silver bullet in software development as told by Fred Brooks, but there’s always a better way to build software considering cost and productivity, and the last but the most important factor for modern software development: being happy programmers.

Construction Method Reading Notes



Hexo 3.0 on Mac


HTTP Status 406

用Spring MVC 4.0写一个REST服务,实验的过程中碰到了406错误,具体错误消息如下,

The resource identified by this request is only capable of generating responses with characteristics not acceptable according to the request “accept” headers.

Vagrant Tips